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4-Week Date Calculator

4-Week Date Calendar

How to find the last date to make an appeal
  1. You must make your appeal within four weeks beginning on the date the planning authority makes its decision. The decision date is the date that the chief executive's order is signed. This is a strict time limit. There are different rules about time limits between December 24 and January 1 (inclusive) which can affect the last date.
  2. Select the decision date in the calendar. The date you hover over or select will be highlighted by a grey box.
  3. The calendar will then display the "Planning decision date". Directly underneath will be the closing date in red. The last date you can make an appeal on that decision will also be highlighted by a red box around the date in the calendar.
  4. Today's date is in shown in blue on the calendar.

This tool is designed to help you find the last date to make an appeal. However An Bord Pleanála accepts no responsibility for any errors.

Date last modified: 01/12/2020