An Bord Pleanála

305749: Moville, North Inishowen, Co. Donegal. ()

Donegal County Council

Review of EIA Screening for proposed Sewerage Scheme at Moville.

Case reference: PL05E.305749

Case type: Review EIA Screening Application Referral

Decision: EIS required

Date Signed: 28/09/2020


  • Irish Water (1st party Referrer)
  • Legal Personal Representative of Jean Harkin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Irish Water (1st party Referrer) (Active)
  • Daniel McGuinness (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Martin McLaughlin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • William and Anne Farran (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Donal McGuinness (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • LPR for Margaret McGuinness (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • John White (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • John Gore (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Legal Personal Representative of Daniel McGuinness (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Legal Personal Representative of Ellse Jessop (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Sharon McLaughlin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Gerry McLaughlin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Peter Jordan (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Joseph McGeoghan (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Mark Harkin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • J.H. Nichol (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Legal Personsal Representative of Jean Harkin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Brendan McLaughlin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Noreen McConnell (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Judith McLaughlin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Catherine Craker (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Liam Gordon Burns (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Leo McCauley (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Barry McLaughlin (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Sarah Townsend (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform (Owner Occupier) (Active)
  • () (Active)


  • 28/10/2020: Documentation associated with 305749
  • 28/09/2020: EIS required
  • 09/10/2019: Lodged


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