An Bord Pleanála

306374: Beagh Td (DED Crossalare) , Donaghmoyne , Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan (19483)

Monaghan County Council

Retention and completion of underpass for the movement of livestock, installation of an effluent holding tank and ancillary site works underneath the road (LT81012) which traverses the applicant's lands.

Case reference: PL18 .306374

Case type: Planning Appeal

Decision: Appeal declared withdrawn S.140(2)(b)

Date Signed: 02/09/2020


  • Donal Gerrard McDaid (Applicant)
  • Donal Gerrard McDaid (1st Party Appellant) (Withdrawn)


  • 02/09/2020: Appeal declared withdrawn S.140(2)(b)
  • 14/01/2020: Lodged
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