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307207: Unit No4, Osberstown Industrial Park, Caragh Road, Nass, Co. Kildare (ED/00780)

Comhairle Contae Chill Dara

Whether the proposed increase in annual intake from 97,000 tonnes to 120,000 tonnes at the Glassco Recycling Facility is or is not development or is or is not exempted development within the meaning of the Act

Tagairt cáis: PL09 .307207

Cineál cáis: Referral

Stádas: Case is due to be decided by 28/09/2020


  • Glassco Recycling Ltd (1st party Referrer)
  • Glassco Recycling Ltd (1st party Referrer) (Active)


  • 19/05/2020: Lodged
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