An Bord Pleanála

307282: Bogs in the Boora Bog Group: Bellair North, Lemanaghan, Kilaranny, Noggusboy, etc. in Co Laois. Hall, Clonaltra (King), etc. in Co Westmeath. Lemanaghan, Lumcloon, etc. in Co Offaly. ()

Offaly County Council

Peat Extraction.

Case reference: PL19 .307282

Case type: Substitute Consent Application

Status: Case is due to be decided by 05/10/2020




  • Bord Na Móna plc (Applicant - Consent)
  • The application is subject to an EIA procedure. Application documentation associated with 307282 () (Active)
  • Bord Na Mona plc () (Active)
  • Bord Na Móna plc () (Active)


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