An Bord Pleanála

307786: Killarney Road , Brennanstown , Bray, Co. Wicklow (20425)

Wicklow County Council

Demolition of car show-room, internal and external alterations and change of use of premises to provide a new forecourt amenity building with retail area, ancillary restaurant/cafe and customer seating, revisions to site layout including car parking and associated site development works.

Case reference: PL27 .307786

Case type: Planning Appeal

Decision: Invalid- fee S.127(1)(f)

Date Signed: 31/07/2020


  • Ard Services Limited (Applicant)
  • Clare and Seymour Cresswell (3rd Party Appellant) (Invalid)
  • Claire and Seymour Cresswell (3rd Party Appellant) (Active)
  • Richard & Margaret Webb (3rd Party Appellant) (Active)


  • 31/07/2020: Invalid- fee S.127(1)(f)
  • 28/07/2020: Lodged
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