An Bord Pleanála

RL3436: Glenough Lower, Rossmore, Cashel, County Tipperary. (S5/15/56)

Tipperary County Council

Whether the laying of underground 20kv electricity cable to link Turaheen and Glencarbry Wind Farms is or is not development or is or is not exempted development.

Case reference: PL92 .RL3436

Case type: Referral

Decision: Is development and is exempted development

Date Signed: 23/06/2016


  • EcoPower Developments Limited, (Owner/Occupier)
  • Tipperary County Council (Referrer) (Active)
  • Sean Kinane (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Martin Ryan (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Michael Ryan (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Michael Horan (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • John Ryan (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Edmond Ryan (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Cornelius Ahern (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • James Ryan (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Liam White (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Aidan Finn (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Tipperary County Council, (Referrer) (Active)
  • Sean Kinane, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Martin Ryan, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Michael Ryan, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Michael Horan, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • John Ryan, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Edmond Ryan, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Cornelius Ahern, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • James Ryan, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Liam White, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)
  • Aidan Finn, (Owner/Occupier) (Active)


  • 23/06/2016: Is development and is exempted development
  • 20/11/2015: Lodged


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