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New cases. Week ended: 31st December 2004. Total cases: 18

In respect of cases received under section 37 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, under section 34 of the Act, the Board may grant or approve, as appropriate, with or without conditions or refuse permission for the application.

Board Ref. 04 210225 Planning Appeal
Development House.
Clontaff, Union Hall, Co.Cork.
Planning Authority Cork County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/5101
Applicant Sean Taylor and Others
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Sean Taylor and Others Active
Board Ref. 04 210226 Planning Appeal
Development 45 Houses
Clondulane North, Fermoy, Co.Cork
Planning Authority Cork County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/5718
Applicant Michael Burke Builder Ltd
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Harry Fuller and Ernest Fuller Active
Board Ref. 04 210227 Planning Appeal
Development 2 storey extension.
Ballydanielmore, Cobh, Co.Cork.
Planning Authority Cork County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/5732
Applicant Anthony O'Regan
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Liam Twomey Active
Board Ref. 04 210218 Planning Appeal
Development House.
Dunmore, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
Planning Authority Cork County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/7589
Applicant Deirdre Collins,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
30-Dec-2004 Deirdre Collins, Late S.37(1)(a)
Board Ref. 05D210187 Planning Appeal
Development House and septic tank.
Castlewray, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal.
Planning Authority Donegal County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/6625
Applicant Tony and Jackie Bonner
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
23-Dec-2004 Joseph O'Donnell Active
31-Dec-2004 Mary T McDaid Active
Board Ref. 06D210228 Planning Appeal
Development House.
21 Woodlawn Park, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.
Planning Authority Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Counci Reg. Ref. D04A/0311
Applicant Tim and Collette McNichols
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Maureen and Rita Daly, Active
Board Ref. 06D210229 Planning Appeal
Development House to replace existing house and all associated site works.
Ballybetagh Townland, Ballybetagh Road, Kilternan, Co.Dublin.
Planning Authority Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Counci Reg. Ref. D04A/1123
Applicant Tom and Ann Lawlor
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 An Taisce Active
Board Ref. 06F210232 Planning Appeal
Development 61 residential units and associated siteworks including new access from Balbriggan Inner Relief Road. Lands adjoining and to the
south and east of Westbrook. Junction of Naul Road and Balbriggan Inner Relief Road, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.
Planning Authority Fingal County Council, Reg. Ref. F04A/0745
Applicant Crescent Park Properties.
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Westbrook Residents Association, Invalid-Name/Address
Board Ref. 06F210231 Planning Appeal
Development Demolish existing dwellings and ancillary site structures and construct 4 no. residential blocks and ancillary siteworks.
Lands formerly known as Middlewood, Whitethorn Cottage and Braganza, Castleknock Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15.
Planning Authority Fingal County Council, Reg. Ref. F04A/1132
Applicant Stebins Properties Ltd.
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Denis Casey, Active
Board Ref. 13 210223 Planning Appeal
Development 4 no. houses and access.
Banemore, Broadford, Co. Limerick.
Planning Authority Limerick County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/812
Applicant J. Noonan (Killorglin) Limited,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Jeremiah and Breda Forde, Active
Board Ref. 15 210240 Planning Appeal
Development Dwellinghouse,
Curraghbeg, Ardee, Co. Louth
Planning Authority Louth County Council, Reg. Ref. 04/1375
Applicant Edward and Caroline McCormack,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Edward and Caroline McCormack, Active
Board Ref. 26 210235 Planning Appeal
Development House.
Ballyprecas, Bunclody, Co. Wexford.
Planning Authority Wexford County Council, Reg. Ref. 2004/1474
Applicant Brendan Murphy
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Patrick Murphy & Bridget Tait-murphy Active
Board Ref. 29S210236 Planning Appeal
Development Construction of 2 no. houses and 3 no. apartments, store and service rooms, new pedestrian entrance along Cranmer Lane and
associated parking. Rear 76/78 Haddington Road at the, Junction of Cranmer Lane (North) and Cranmer Lane (west), Dublin 4.
Planning Authority Dublin City Council Reg. Ref. 4938/04
Applicant Frederick Rogerson,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Mel and Kathryn Duignan, Active
Board Ref. 29S210239 Planning Appeal
Development Demolition of single storey extension, construct two storey side extension.
22 Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Planning Authority Dublin City Council Reg. Ref. 5144/04
Applicant P. Collins,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
30-Dec-2004 P. Collins, Active
Board Ref. 30 210221 Planning Appeal
Development 23 no. houses, 6 no retail units, public house, restaurant, creche and car parking.
Bloodmill Road, Singland, Limerick.
Planning Authority Limerick City Council, Reg. Ref. 03/435
Applicant Joseph Murphy and Co. (Tuam) Limited,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
30-Dec-2004 Castletroy View Committee, Late S.37(1)(a)
Board Ref. 42 210222 Planning Appeal
Development Alterations to external finishes and layout of 4 no. houses and 1 no. day activation unit.
St. Dymphna's Hospital, Carlow.
Planning Authority Carlow Town Council, Reg. Ref. PD5449
Applicant South Eastern Health Board,
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Eamonn Collins, Active
Board Ref. 44 210219 Planning Appeal
Development House.
Weir View, Carrick Beg, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary.
Planning Authority Carrick-on-suir Town Council, Reg. Ref. 79/04
Applicant D. O'Driscoll
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
30-Dec-2004 G & H Developments Ltd., Invalid-no acknowl.s.127(1)e
Board Ref. 62 210230 Planning Appeal
Development House.
Ashleigh Court, College Road, Kilkenny.
Planning Authority Kilkenny Town Council Reg. Ref. 04/98
Applicant Martin O'Carroll
Lodged Appellant(s) Status
31-Dec-2004 Sean and Betty Leahy, Active

End of Report. 18 Case(s)

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