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Cases Disposed of. Week ended: 31st December 2010 Total cases: 3

In accordance with section 34 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, the Board in making decisions on appeals under section 37 of the Act had regard to submissions or observations received.

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RP2064: Fair Green, Mallow, Co. Cork. (55,046/04)

  • Case Type: Points of Detail in dispute S34(5) (Board Reference: PL70 .RP2064)
  • Description: Point of detail in dispute regarding financial contribution condition no. 15 of planning reference 55,046/04.
  • Decision: No Board jurisdiction
  • Planning Authority: Mallow Town Council (Reg. Ref.: 55,046/04)
  • Date lodged: 11/11/2010; signed: 31/12/2010
  • Applicant: Donal McAuliffe
  • EIS: EIS Not Required.

RL2833: Boardee, Carrigaline, County Cork. (D.272.10)

  • Case Type: Referral Section 5 (Board Reference: PL04 .RL2833)
  • Description: Whether the reclaimation of land for the purposes of agriculture is exempted development.
  • Decision: Invalid-Late S.5(3)(a)
  • Planning Authority: Cork County Council (Reg. Ref.: D.272.10)
  • Date lodged: 31/12/2010; signed: 31/12/2010
  • Applicant: P.Murphy
  • EIS: EIS Not Required.

238202: Main Street, Farnahoe, Innishannon, Co. Cork. (10/5475)

  • Case Type: Planning Appeal (Board Reference: PL04 .238202)
  • Description: Retention and completion of two storey building for use as butcher shop on ground floor and residential on first floor and part of ground floor.
  • Decision: Invalid- late S.127(1)(g)
  • Planning Authority: Cork County Council (Reg. Ref.: 10/5475)
  • Date lodged: 23/12/2010; signed: 30/12/2010
  • Applicant: John Buckley
  • EIS: EIS Not Required.

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