An Bord Pleanála

Search Help

Enter the words you want to search for, making sure they are spelled correctly. The search engine will try to find pages containing all of the words you enter, listing the best matches first. By default, Reports, Orders and Directions are not searched. To search these documents, ensure the “Include Reports, Orders, Directions” checkbox is ticked.

  • To search for a case, just enter the 6-character case number (e.g. 123456, CH2062).
  • To search for a case by PA Reference number, enter the full reference number, including any letters (e.g. D07B/0557).

Boolean searching

When entering words, a Boolean "and" between words is assumed; that is, documents will be retrieved that have all the specified words. If you wish to find all the documents that have any word, then use "or" between your search words.

You can use the words 'and' , 'or' and 'not' to specify whether the documents should contain all, some or none of the keywords.

Boolean operator examples

Search phrase


Density and guidelines

This will return documents that contain both density and guidelines

Density or guidelines

this will return documents that contain either density or guidelines or both

Density and not guidelines

this will return documents that contain density but do not contain guidelines


When specifying keywords you can use wildcards to generalize your search. The only wildcard character is the asterisk (*). The asterisk is a placeholder for any number of characters (including none). You can use the wildcard only at the end of a word.

hous* would find "house", "housing", etc.

Proximity searching

You can limit your search results to only include documents where your keywords are close to each other.

The search phrase development near road will find all documents that contain the words " development " and " road " within 100 words of each other.

Limiting your search by area

The quick search function searches the whole of the website. To limit the area of the site searched, use the Advanced Search page.

Advanced search help

The advanced search facility allows you to control the results of your search to limit by criteria the number of hits returned.

There follows a description of each field. Each field is cumulative; i.e. if you select 2 search fields, the results returned will be those that fall into both criteria.

The advanced search fields are usually used in conjunction with some search terms.

Search by title

Specify “In title” to instruct the search engine that you only want results returned where your search terms appear in the title, i.e. are the subject of the document.

Specify “Anywhere in the case” to allow for your search terms to be anywhere in the document, e.g. referred to by another case.

Search by scope

Specify “the cases” to only search the planning cases. Specify “everything except the cases” to search the whole website except the planning cases.

Specify “the whole website” to search both the cases and other documents on the site.

Search by date

This field allows you to specify a date restriction on the results returned. This is generally only useful when searching for cases.

If you specify both dates, the results will contain cases between these dates (inclusive of the first and last date).

If you specify only the “From” date, the results will contain cases from this date to the present date inclusive.

If you specify only the “To” date, the results will contain all cases up to this date.

If you want to search for cases on only one date, specify the date in both the “From” and “To” fields.

Click the calendar icon to open a calendar allowing you to choose the date.

Use “Date Signed” to return only cases signed in the specified date(s).

Use “Date Lodged” to return only cases lodged on the specified date(s).

Search by planning authority

This field allows you to narrow your search results to a specific city or county council. This is only useful when searching for cases.

Search by case type

If you know the particular case type, use this field to specify it.

Search by status

Use this field to limit search results to “Decided” or “Not Decided” cases.

Search by document type

This field can “include” or “exclude” documents that are classified as Reports, Orders or Directions.

Last modified: 25/11/2008