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Customer Charter

Customer Charter

Commitment to You

To deliver a high quality, effective and efficient service to you. A strategic objective is to determine the bulk of all planning cases within the relevant statutory objective time period.

Courtesy and Consideration

To endeavour to deliver quality services with courtesy, sensitivity and minimum delay, fostering a climate of mutual respect between the customer, and the organisation. You can help us by also being respectful and courteous in your dealings with staff.

Independence, Openness and Impartiality

To commit to provide an independent and impartial planning assessment system which is clear and transparent. The aim is to give full and accurate information in a manner that suits you.


To monitor and evaluate performance on a continual basis and examine the development and delivery of services in order to meet customers’ needs including the development of appropriate ICT Infrastructure and systems.

Equality / Discrimination

To ensure that, in dealings with staff, your rights relating to the use of the Irish language, other forms of communications and the nine grounds on which discrimination is unlawful are fully respected.


To endeavour to provide clean, accessible public offices that ensure an appropriate level of privacy, comply with occupational and safety standards and, as part of this, facilitate access for people with disabilities and others with specific needs.


To endeavour to maintain an open, accessible, and responsive system of dealing with complaints and to facilitate comments and suggestions from customers on the quality of service provided. Details of how a complaint/suggestion can be made are set out in the An Bord Pleanála’s Customer Action Plan which is available at

Contact Details

Further information on this Charter and the associated Customer Action Plan or any related comments can be directed to; Customer Service Officer, An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1 or Email: