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Making a Planning Appeal

Generally, any person wanting to carry out development must apply for planning permission to their local county council, city council or city and county council (the planning authority). The planning authority will make a decision on the application either to grant or to refuse planning permission. You can appeal this decision to An Bord Pleanála.

Who can appeal?

You can make an appeal if either of the two descriptions below apply to you:


You made an application to the planning authority for a proposed development.
You are making a first party appeal. A first party can appeal:
  • the planning authority’s decision to refuse permission;
  • any conditions the planning authority attaches to a grant of permission decision;
  • how a planning authority applies the terms of a Development Contribution Scheme or a Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme to conditions in a grant of permission. You can also appeal how the planning authority has applied a special contribution condition. These are Section 48 or Section 49 appeals.


You made a submission to the planning authority on a proposed development.
You are making a third party appeal. A third party can appeal:
  • the decision of the planning authority;
  • any conditions the planning authority attaches to a grant of permission decision.

If you think that neither of the two descriptions above apply to you, there are certain other limited situations when you can make an appeal. You can find further details about these situations and who can make appeals in the factsheet “What can I appeal?” or by contacting us. You may also be able to take part by making an observation on a valid appeal.

Would you like a printable version?

Making a Planning Appeal Guide (PDF, 305KB)