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Other Cases

As well as planning appeals, SHD and SID cases, An Bord Pleanála deals with other casework


The main type of referral is in relation to questions, in any particular case, as to what is or is not development or is or is not exempted development within the meaning of the Planning and Development Acts. 

Referrals differ from other case types that come before the Board in that decisions in these cases set precedents that have a direct bearing on subsequent cases. They are also of importance to the public, developers and their agents in their consideration of developments that they might wish to undertake and which may or may not require planning permission.

You can view the types of referral that can be made to An Bord Pleanála.

Building Control Act Cases

An Bord Pleanála can receive appeals on several decisions under the Building Control Acts. 

Other appeals and cases under the Planning and Development Act

As well as appeals under section 37 of the Planning and Development Act, An Bord Pleanála also deals with other appeals and cases under the Planning and Development Act

Vacant Site Levy Appeals

We deal with appeals on aspects of vacant site levy under the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015.

Water Pollution Licence Appeals

An Bord Pleanála deals with appeals on water pollution licences under Water Pollution Acts 1977 and 1990 as well as Water Services Act 2007.

Compulsory Acquisition of Land Cases

An Bord Pleanála deals with local authority and state authority cases involving compulsory acquisition of land. These include Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) and compulsory acquisition under the Derelict Sites Act 1990.

Local Authority Appropriate Assessments 

Local authorities may apply to An Bord Pleanála for appropriate assessment

An Bord Pleanála has guidelines for applications for local authority developments requiring approval under Section 177AE. 

Substitute Consents

A substitute consent application is for a permission made directly to An Bord Pleanála in respect of development already carried out and which should have been subject to Environment Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment Determination and / or Appropriate Assessment but where such assessments were not carried out.


An Bord Pleanála's has certain functions with quarries

Projects of Common Interest

An Bord Pleanála is the Competent Authority for Projects of Common Interest (PCI) under European Regulation 347/2013 on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure. 

An Bord Pleanála has prepared a Manual of Permit Granting Process Procedures under article 9 of Regulation 347/2013 on Guidelines for Trans-European Energy Infrastructure. 

You can view current and former projects in the consent process.