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Due to the current increased risk in relation to Covid-19 An Bord Pleanála's office has restricted access to the public. Until further notice, members of the public should not attend the office unless it is considered absolutely necessary.

Functions of the Board: Functions under the National Monuments Acts

This page outlines An Bord Pleanála's functions under the National Monuments Acts

Associated Board functions under the National Monuments Acts 1930-2004

The National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004 brought in new provisions relating to procedures where a national monument is discovered during the carrying out of an approved road development and same was not dealt with in the original approval / EIS for the road. The citations relate to new sections of the 1930 Act inserted by the 2004 Act.

Section 14B(3)

Determination by the Board as to whether changes to an approved road development necessitated by Ministerial directions relating to a national monument constitute a material alteration to an approved road development.

Section 14B(5)

Decision by the Board following receipt and consideration by it of an EIS covering a change to an approved road development which the Board has determined constitutes a material alteration to the approved road and which is likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment.