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Consideration of Environmental Issues

This explains what the Board takes into consideration with environmental issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the body charged primarily with controlling emissions in Ireland. The Board is required, when considering an application for planning permission or approval for development which comprises or is for the purpose of an activity for which an integrated pollution control licence or a waste licence is required from the EPA, to take into consideration that the control of emissions arising from the activity is a function of the EPA. In such cases, the Board is not permitted to attach conditions to a grant of planning permission or approval for the purposes of controlling emissions from the operation of the activity or related to or following the cessation of the operation of the activity.

However, the Board is required to take an overall view on the acceptability of the development and, notwithstanding the licensing of an activity under the EPA or Waste Acts, it will consider the totality of the environmental issues involved in the context of the proper planning and sustainable development of the area, and may refuse planning permission or approval on environmental grounds. At an oral hearing, the Inspector may limit or curtail the submissions and discussion on 'emissions' to take account of the legislative provisions.