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After you make your appeal on a Disability Access Certificate

This page explains what happens after you make your appeal on a Disability Access Certificate.

Will the building control authority be told of the appeal?

Yes, the building control authority will be told about the appeal and they will also be given the opportunity to comment on your appeal.

Does the Inspector make a site visit?

No. An inspector does not normally need to make a site visit in these cases and will rely on the documents on the case file to prepare their report and recommendation to the Board. However, occasionally the Inspector may decide it is necessary to make a site visit and if this is the case we may contact you to make arrangements. This may be more likely where a case is a regularisation appeal.

Will a meeting be held on the case? 

No. A meeting is not normally necessary in these cases. A meeting will normally only be held where the Board considers that it would assist them to understand the technical issues arising in the case and would help the Board to make a decision on your appeal.

Does the Board have the power to dismiss or cancel an appeal?

The Building Control Regulations (Article 37) gives An Bord Pleanála the power to dismiss an appeal in two situations.

  • When the Board considers the grounds of appeal, the Board decides that the appeal is vexatious, frivolous or without substance or foundation.
  • When the Board considers the nature of the appeal and any previous decisions by a building control authority or An Bord Pleanála, the Board is satisfied that in the particular circumstances, the appeal should not be considered.