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Teams Meeting Etiquette

This is a guide to the etiquette required to assist in carrying out a successful and efficient online meeting, whether it is for internal or external meetings, the advice in this guide is for all users of Microsoft Teams.

Ensure your device is fully charged


Be on time

Join the meeting early just in case you have problems connecting you can sort it out before the meeting starts.


External Guests

Ensure all meeting participants are aware that external guests have been invited to the meeting before the meeting commences.

Stay on mute when you’re not talking

It might not seem like it, but there’s a lot of background noise even in the quietest of offices and rooms. Muting your microphone when you’re not speaking reduces the chance of other participants in the meeting being distracted by background noise, such as phones ringing or the sound of typing.

Don’t interrupt

The conversation can start to get confusing if participants start speaking over each other. You will be given a chance to give your opinion when it’s your turn to speak.  

Keep to the discussion 

If you have input, prepare notes so you can be concise and give information necessary to make your point.

Sharing web pages

When sharing web pages, zoom in to help attendees see what you’re showing them.

Use video when circumstances and internet connection support it

You can announce yourself by turning on the camera, then when the meeting starts you can turn off your camera and you can participate in the meeting as normal. This will help save bandwidth.


Would you like a printable version?

Teams Meeting Etiquette (PDF, 609KB)