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Due to the current increased risk in relation to Covid-19 An Bord Pleanála's office has restricted access to the public. Until further notice, members of the public should not attend the office unless it is considered absolutely necessary.

COVID-19: Alternatives to visiting our office

Alternatives to visiting our office

Sending documents to us by post or by courier: All cases

If there is sufficient time available, please consider sending your documents to us by post or by courier rather than visiting our office. If you wish to make an appeal you can check the last dates to make an appeal on our website. If you wish to make an observation on a strategic housing development application you can check the last date on the strategic housing developments area of our website. If you wish to do something different please contact us.

It is your responsibility to make sure that documents arrive within the required time period. Items must reach us before 5.30pm on the last day of the specified time period even if postmarked in advance of a deadline. The law does not allow us to accept as valid documents which are late. If you have any concerns about your documents not reaching us in time by post or by courier and you want to visit our office to hand deliver, please plan your visit to our office.

You can pay fees by the post using cheques, bankers drafts or postal orders. We do not recommend cash through the post. We cannot accept debit or credit card payments or EFT by post.

We strongly recommend that you do not place any item in our letterbox outside office hours as your item may be invalid.

Sending an observation on a Strategic Housing Development Application online

An Bord Pleanála has an online service where members of the public can send their observation on a Strategic Housing Development Application to us. You pay the fee for the observation online. 

This service is available only for observations on Strategic Housing Development Applications contained in this list

Information on decided case files

You can find basic information about cases by checking our website and using the search function. To find the case you want:

  • type in the 6-digit An Bord Pleanála case reference number. Current cases have numbers such as 300000, with older cases having numbers such as 234567, RL2000, PA4000, or

  • type in a geographical location or key words in the description of the proposed development.

Each decided case has on its webpage:

  • Inspector's Report
  • Board Direction
  • Board Order

If you want further information, please email our public access section at and give them details about the decided case file. Our public access team will contact you and give you further information.