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AA Applications - Section 177AE: Introduction

1. Introduction

1.1 This Guidance Note provides procedural advice in relation to submission of proposals to An Bord Pleanála for local authority developments under s.177AE (relating to appropriate assessment (AA)) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended.

1.2 When considering a proposal under section 177AE, An Bord Pleanála must have regard to:

  • the likely effects on the environment of the proposed development,
  • the likely consequences for proper planning and sustainable development in the area in which it is proposed to situate the development, and
  • the likely significant effects of the proposed development on a European site.

1.3 Expectations in relation to the plans/particulars to be lodged and the level of detail to be provided with the plans/particulars will be proportionate to the scale and complexity of the proposed development and characteristics of the receiving environment. For all cases, An Bord Pleanála expects that the project is accurately described in drawing and written form and its full implications relating to all relevant considerations including any mitigation measures proposed are clearly set out in the documentation.

1.4 The purpose of this note is to provide guidance to local authorities in preparation of submissions so as to facilitate the Board in reaching a fully informed and timely decision.