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Due to the current increased risk in relation to Covid-19 An Bord Pleanála's office has restricted access to the public. Until further notice, members of the public should not attend the office unless it is considered absolutely necessary.

Freedom of Information (FOI) Fees

Freedom of Information Fees (Table)

Guide to fees relating to Freedom of Information Requests / Applications

Effective from Tuesday 14th October 2014

Type of Request/Application

Standard Fee*

Reduced Fee* & ** & ***

Request for a record under Section 12

Initial Request

No Charge

No Charge

Internal Appeal



Appeal to Information Commissioner



Request under section 12 for personal information

No Charge

No Charge

Application under section 9 for amendment of a record containing incorrect, incomplete or misleading personal information

No Charge

No Charge

Application under section 10 for the reasons for a decision affecting the individual

No Charge

No Charge


* Fee will not apply where a person appeals a decision to charge a fee or deposit, or a fee or deposit of a particular amount under section 27 of the FOI Act

**Reduced fee will apply in respect of third parties who appeal a decision of a public body to release their information on public interest grounds

***Reduced fee will apply to medical card holders and their dependants on production of their medical card