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Observation (SID): Oral Hearings

This page explains about oral hearings on strategic infrastructure development cases.

Will an oral hearing or meeting take place about the case?

Yes. The Board has the power to hold an oral hearing with or without a request for one. In some cases, the Board may consider that the issues involved in the case can be adequately and appropriately assessed by way of written observations and submissions. The Board can also decide that some oral hearings, due to the issues involved with the proposed development, that a “limited agenda” oral hearing takes place. You will be contacted about the oral hearing if the Board decides to hold an oral hearing.

The Board may also hold a meeting with the applicant or any other person the Board considers has relevant information about the case. The Board may decide to hold an oral hearing and a meeting(s) in the same case. A meeting can be called and held either before or after an oral hearing.


Can I request an oral hearing or meeting?

Yes. The applicant and any person who makes observations to An Bord Pleanála about the application can request an oral hearing. If you have paid the application fee or €50 fee to make an observation there is no additional fee to request an oral hearing. Only the Board can call a meeting. It is not possible for an applicant or an observer to request a meeting.


The Board has decided to hold an oral hearing. What do I need to do?

We will write to you with the details of the oral hearing and invite you to attend. Please read this letter carefully. The letter will be sent to you at least 5 working days before the day the oral hearing starts. When the oral hearing has been arranged, we will also publish the details on our website. Further information about oral hearings is available in our oral hearings guide.

If an oral hearing takes place and I did not make an observation in the period allowed for making observations, can I speak at the oral hearing?

It is possible, however there is no automatic right. The inspector in charge of the oral hearing has the power to hear a person who did not make an observation to An Bord Pleanála. The inspector may consider it appropriate in the interest of justice to allow the person to be heard. If you are allowed make a observation at the oral hearing, you must pay the observation fee of €50.

The Board has decided not to hold an oral hearing. What happens next?

If the Board has decided not to hold an oral hearing, the inspector will consider the application, all documentation on the case and will normally visit the site. After the site visit, the inspector prepares a report and recommendation for the Board.