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Tips when making your submission at an oral hearing

This page gives you some tips if you are planning to make a submission at an oral hearing.

  • Prepare by considering all the planning issues you wish to raise. Be focussed and as brief as possible. Try not to repeat information.
  • Before the oral hearing starts, you might want to practice reading aloud your submission at home.
  • Follow the instructions or advice given by the inspector. They are there to hear your views. During your submission, the inspector may ask you questions or may stop you if you are repeating information.
  • The inspector understands that you may be nervous making your submission. You should speak clearly and at a steady pace.
  • If you have photographs, videos or other items that you wish to show during your submission, the inspector may allow you to present these to the oral hearing. Copies must be provided and all exhibits must be properly labelled. Contact An Bord Pleanála staff in advance for more information.
  • Generally oral hearings are recorded using a sound system and a set of microphones. Please speak clearly into the microphone provided.