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SHD Pre-App (Planning Authority): Pre-App Meeting

This pages explains the planning authority and the pre-application consultation meeting

Pre-Application Consultation Meeting


An Bord Pleanála will issue notice of the date of the consultation. This notice will also advise on the relevant sections/departments of the Planning Authority to be represented at the consultations. An agenda will issue to the Planning Authority highlighting the main items for discussion at the Pre-Application Consultation meeting. 

Section 6(6) of the Act of 2016 requires that each Planning Authority should ensure that Planning Authority officials attending the consultation meeting on its behalf have a sufficient level of relevant knowledge and expertise in the matter concerned. 

Purpose of Pre-Application Consultation

The purpose of the consultation meeting is to assist An Bord Pleanála in the forming of an Opinion under section 6(7) of Act of 2016. The Opinion that is formed is on whether the documents submitted to An Bord Pleanála under section 5(5) constitute a reasonable basis for an application or require further consideration and amendment to constitute a reasonable basis for an application under section 4 of the Act of 2016. 

The documents submitted by the prospective applicant, including the statements of consistency, assist An Bord Pleanála in forming the Opinion as they set out the prospective applicant’s planning rationale for the proposal having regard to relevant policies and objectives contained in the development plan and section 28 Ministerial Guidance. 

Discussions at the meeting will focus on key site specific issues at a strategic overview level. The consultation meeting does not involve a merits-based assessment of the proposal. 

Record of Consultations

An Bord Pleanála will keep a record of all SHD Pre-Application Consultations including the names of those who participated in the consultations. A copy of the record will be placed and kept with the documents to which any application in respect of that proposed development relates. An Bord Pleanála will issue a copy of the record to the Planning Authority. These records will be made available once an application in respect of the development is made.