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SHD Scoping and Screening: Consultations before section 7 request

This page outlines possible consultations by a prospective applicant prior to making a section 7 request in the SHD process

Consultations by the prospective applicant prior to making a Section 7 request

Prospective applicants are strongly advised to carry out consultations with relevant prescribed and other bodies, planning authorities, the public and any other relevant persons who may have information relevant for the purposes of EIA / AA screening / scoping prior to making a section 7 request. 

The mandatory section 247 meeting between the prospective applicants and the planning authority required before entering the SHD Pre-Application Consultation process and the consultation meeting held during the formal Pre-Application Consultation process under section 6(5) of the Act of 2016 may assist in this regard and in identifying such bodies or persons.