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Observation SHD (Prescribed Bodies): Making an observation

This page explains how you make an observation on a SHD application

How long do I have to make an observation?

How long do I have to make an observation to the Board?
If you want to make an observation, you must do this within five weeks of the date An Bord Pleanála receives the application. The law does not allow us to accept a late observation for any reason. You can find details for current applications, including the dates they were lodged with us.


How much does an observation cost?

How much does an observation cost?
If you are a prescribed body, there is no fee.


Making an observation

What do I need to do to make a valid observation?
You should carefully prepare your grounds of observation (reasons and arguments) and any documents you wish to include. When you have made your observation, you cannot make any further observations unless we specifically ask you for them. Please note that An Bord Pleanála cannot consider non-planning issues.

To make a valid observation, you must:

put your observation in writing (either typed or handwritten).
clearly state your own name and postal address. If a planning agent is acting for you in this observation, the agent must clearly write their own name and postal address as well as your name and postal address.
give us enough details to allow us to easily identify the application you wish to make an observation on. Examples of the details we accept are:
• the name and location of the proposed development in the application (for example: Town Square Project, Main Street, Ballytown, Co. Ballytown), or
• the An Bord Pleanála case reference number for the application. The case reference number is the middle six-digit number (for example: 300000).
give us:
• your planning grounds of observation (reasons and arguments), and
• any items you wish to support your grounds of observation.
make your observation on time and within the five-week time period beginning on the date An Bord Pleanála receives the application.

You can use the observation form to help you make the observation, or you can also just write to us.