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After you make your request

This page will explain what happens after you make your request for an oral hearing on a planning appeal.

What happens after I have made my request?

When you request an oral hearing, we send the case file to one of our inspectors. The inspector will review the case. They will then recommend to the Board if an oral hearing should be held. The Board will consider the case file, the request and the inspector's recommendation. The Board will use its power to decide to grant or refuse an oral hearing. The Board's decision on the oral hearing request is final. After this, we will write to you and all participants in the appeal with the decision.

The Board has decided to hold an oral hearing. What do I need to do?

We will write to you with the details of the oral hearing and invite you to attend. Please read this letter carefully. The letter will be sent to you at least 5 working days before the day the oral hearing starts. When the oral hearing has been arranged, we will also publish the details on our website. Further information about oral hearings is available in our oral hearing guide.

The Board has decided not to hold an oral hearing. What happens next?

If the Board has decided not to hold an oral hearing, the appeal will be then sent to one of our inspectors. The inspector will consider all documentation on the case and will normally visit the site. After the site visit, the inspector prepares a report and recommendation for the Board. The Board will then make a decision based on all the documentation on the case.