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Due to the current increased risk in relation to Covid-19 An Bord Pleanála's office has restricted access to the public. Until further notice, members of the public should not attend the office unless it is considered absolutely necessary.

Making a request for an oral hearing on a planning appeal

This page will take you through the steps to making a request for an oral hearing on a planning appeal.

How do I request an oral hearing?

To request an oral hearing depends on your situation:

If you are an appellant making an appeal,

you can request an oral hearing by:

  • ticking the box that states "yes, I wish to request an oral hearing" on the oral hearing request on the Planning Appeal Form (part 9), or
  • writing to ask for one with your appeal.

If you are an appellant that has already submitted a valid appeal,

you can request an oral hearing by writing to us.


If you are replying to an appeal that we have sent you,

you can request an oral hearing by writing to us.


How much does an oral hearing request cost?

An oral hearing request costs €50. This is not refundable.

How can I pay for my appeal?

There are many ways you can pay a fee to An Bord Pleanála.


In person at our reception In the post


✔ Accepted We advise you not to send cash in the post.

Debit and Credit Cards*

✔ Accepted ✖ Not accepted


✔ Accepted ✔ Accepted

Bankers Drafts

✔ Accepted ✔ Accepted

Postal Orders

✔ Accepted ✔ Accepted

Where do I send or deliver my oral hearing request?

You must:

  • post it to: The Secretary, An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 V902, or
  • ​deliver it in person to a member of An Bord Pleanála staff at our office in Marlborough Street (address above) during office hours - Monday to Friday from 9.15am to 5.30pm. Please note that the security staff in our office cannot accept appeals.

Remember, do not place your oral hearing request in the letterbox of our office and do not email it to us as your request will be invalid.

We are closed on weekends, public holidays and other publicised days such as Christmas Day and Good Friday.