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Section 254 "Street Furniture" Licence Appeals

It is possible to make an appeal on a licence decision for appliances, cables, signs, street furniture or other items on public roads under Section 254 of the Planning and Development Act.

What requires a licence?

You will need a licence from a planning authority to place on, under, over or along a public road the following items or equipment:

  • a vending machine,
  • a town or landscape map for indicating directions or places,
  • a fence, scaffold or hoarding,
  • an advertisement structure,
  • a cable, wire or pipeline,
  • over ground electronic communications infrastructure and any associated physical infrastructure such as a telephone pole or cabinet,
  • a telephone kiosk or pedestal, or
  • any other appliance, apparatus or structure specified in regulations made by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage or by an Act of the Oireachtas that requires a licence.

A common example is an application for a licence to place tables and chairs outside a hotel, restaurant, public house or other venue. For this reason, sometimes a licence application is referred to as being for a "street furniture" licence, although there are many other items and situations where a licence may be required.

For further information on how to apply for a licence, you should contact your local planning authority.

What is a Section 254 licence decision appeal?

A Section 254 licence appeal is where the planning authority has made a decision on an licence application to:

  • grant a licence,
  • refuse a licence,
  • withdraw a licence, or
  • continue a licence.

You can appeal the planning authority's decision to An Bord Pleanála.

Who can appeal?

Any person can appeal the granting, refusing, withdrawing or continuing of a licence.