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Board's decision on a Section 254 "Street Furniture" Licence Appeal

This page explains what the Board considers on an appeal and what it can decide.

What will the Board consider?

In considering the appeal, the Board must consider:

  • the proper planning and sustainable development of the area,
  • any relevant parts of the development plan or the local area plan,
  • the number and location of existing appliances, apparatuses or structures on, under, over or along the public road, and
  • ​the convenience and safety of road users including pedestrians.


What can the Board decide to do?

The Board will decide to allow or disallow you appeal about the licence. The Board in its decision can give directions to the planning authority to:

  • grant the licence, or
  • withdraw the licence, or
  • ​alter the licence.

The planning authority is required to follow the Board's Order.