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SID: Scoping

This page explains the optional scoping step in strategic infrastructure developments.

Scoping and when it applies

Scoping is an optional procedure contained in EU directives. It allows a prospective applicant to request An Bord Pleanála to give an opinion in writing on what information will be required in an environmental impact assessment report (EIAR) about a proposed development. This is part of An Bord Pleanála's role as the consent authority for the application.
In the case of strategic infrastructure development, scoping requests are voluntary and can be made for:

  • 7th Schedule developments,
  • local authority developments,
  • State developments,
  • electricity transmission lines or interconnectors,
  • gas developments, and
  • railway development, and
  • road developments.

The Board may request prescribed bodies specified in the Planning and Development Regulations to participate and give their comments in the scoping process.

Keeping the public informed of the scoping requests

When An Bord Pleanála receives a scoping request, we will include the request in the weekly list of ‘cases received’ on our website. When it is completed, we will include it in the weekly list of ‘cases determined’ on our website.
When the scoping request is completed, An Bord Pleanála’s case file will be available for inspection and purchase. You can view the decided case file through our public access service.