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SID: Further or additional information

This page explains what happens if further or additional information is requested by the Board in a strategic infrastructure development case.

The Board has powers to request additional information from the applicant and others about the application if it considers it to be appropriate. On some occasions it may consider it appropriate to request:

  • a revised EIAR or revised NIS from the applicant
  • further submissions from:
    • the applicant,
    • anyone who made an observation about the application, or
    • any other person including prescribed bodies who may have relevant information.

When the Board receives a revised EIAR, NIS or further information, it may consider that the revised EIAR, NIS or further information contains significant additional information on the effects of the proposed development on the environment. In this situation, the Board will:

  • make the revised EIAR, NIS or further information available for inspection, and
  • invite further submissions to be made within a specified period and give notice of those matters.

Whilst the Board has the power to request a revised EIAR or NIS or further information this may not always happen in a case. Anyone making an observation should make their full and complete arguments on the case in their observation.