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SHD Applications (Planning Authority): Notification of Elected Members

This page explains how the planning authority notifies elected members

Notification of Elected Members

On receipt of an application, the Planning Authority is required to notify the relevant elected members of the making of the application, its availability for public inspection, set out the 5-week period for making of submissions / observations and indicate the types of decision the Board may make in relation to the application.  This is outlined in Section 8(4)(c) of the Act of 2016.  
At the next Area Committee meeting, or the municipal district meeting for each municipal district concerned, as appropriate, the Planning Authority shall inform the relevant elected members of the following: 

  • The details of the application,
  • The consultations that have taken place in relation to the proposed development with both the Planning Authority and An Bord Pleanála 
  • Details of the Notice of Opinion issued by An Bord Pleanála 
  • Where the meeting concerned takes place after the expiry of the 5 week period for public submissions, information relating to the points raised in the submissions / observations received by An Bord Pleanála in relation to the application, together with the views of the Chief Executive