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SHD Applications (Planning Authority): Part Payment of Application Fee

This page outlines the payment of the application fee between the planning authority and An Bord Pleanála

Part payment of application fee

The planning application fees paid by applicants to An Bord Pleanála in respect of Strategic Housing Development proposals will generally be shared between An Bord Pleanála and the relevant Planning Authority, having regard to their respective inputs to the determination process, as per article 305 of the Regulations of 2017.

On the making of a decision, An Bord Pleanála shall pay to the Planning Authority 50 per cent of the fee paid by the applicant to the Board. In a case where the proposed development would be situated in the functional area of more than one planning authority, An Bord Pleanála shall pay a proportionate amount to each Planning Authority concerned.

In a case where a Planning Authority fails to submit to An Bord Pleanála a report of its Chief Executive within 8 weeks and 3 working days from the receipt by the Authority of a copy of an application and the An Bord Pleanála fails to make a decision on an application within the specified period, An Bord Pleanála shall not pay the Planning Authority any proportion of the fee paid.